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You probably have arrived here because you are interested in this magnificent bird. Cockatoos indeed are beautiful pets, amazingly smart, too.

Cockatoos are one of very few birds who posess self-cognition and self-awareness, a far cry from brainless chicken and ducks.

Cockatoos are expensive, and there is a global market. This means that a bird may be flown from Southeast Asia to the United States to meet his or her new owner. Black Palm Cockatoos are the most expensive species, typically with a price tag upwards of 20,000 US dollars. Ordinary Cockatoos still cost more than 2000 US dollars.

Unfortunately, I am not in the cockatoo bird trade. I started this website in 1995 after having run a travel book publishing company in the Philippines in the 1980s named Cockatoo Press. There was no Internet at that time, even the word didn't exist.

I chose the name Cockatoo because it sounds as good as the birds are beautiful, and the bird also makes a great logo.

This is what is for sale now, the domain cockatoo.com (even with our beautiful logo artwork). It's really a waste to use this name for anything else rather than selling cockatoos. With this domain name, any cockatoo breeder anywhere in the world gains prime authority as the logical web address for the trade in cockatoo. And the price would be less than half of what a Black Palm Cockatoo typically cost.