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Privacy policy

The Cockatoo Tongkat Ali Store respects the privacy of customers and keeps only a minimal amount of private information which is necessary for business transactions. This includes the names and addresses of customers who are purchasing our products, as otherwise we could not ship.

The Cockatoo Tongkat Ali Store does not keep any customer technical information that is related to the use of the Internet. For example, we do not track IP addresses, do not automated profiling, and do not bundle information. We also do not sell or forward otherwise to third parties any customer data.

However, there are many pitfalls associated with electronic forms of communication. To start with, web browsers used to view our pages, and email clients to communicate with us, on their own collect a wide range of data.

And then, devices used to access the web, whether computers or smartphones, record everything an owner does with it. It’s a pest, of course, but the alternative, handwritten letters, printed brochures, and communication by postal letters, are nowadays not feasible anymore.

And then, of course, there is criminal invasion into privacy, facilitated by viruses and malware. We are no experts in these fields, but advise on heeding security and privacy protection advice available on the Internet.

We at the Cockatoo Tongkat Ali Store take privacy issues seriously. Not only do we have a policy to not collect and store any information beyond the absolutely necessary for fulfilling purchases. We go a step further and even avoid employing IT personnel or office staff that would be overly computer and Internet-savvy.

For this reason, we do not even use cookies.