Sydney pedophile sentenced to 32 years in jail

Australia, August 22, 2011 – China Daily

SYDNEY – A serial Sydney pedophile has been given a maximum sentence of 32 years in jail for abusing four boys over three decades, a Sydney judge handed down his decision in court on Monday.

Victims and their families wept and cheered in the public gallery as Judge Michael Finnane handed down the sentence to Andrew Dean McIntosh.

The 53-year-old man was found guilty on more than 40 counts of abuse.

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Of those, 24 were related to the sexual and physical abuse of students at Barker College, in Sydney’s north, in the early 1990s when McIntosh worked there as a volunteer cadet master.

Early offenses were committed from the late 1970s onward in Inverell and Grafton in northern New South Wales.

In the Downing Center District Court in Sydney on Monday, McIntosh was sentenced on all 42 charges to 32 years in prison with a non-parole period of 20 years.

“The damage done by the offender has been great and his criminality is great,” Finnane told the court.

“The sentence is also served to protect the community for a considerable period and that is an important objective,” he said.

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Perth Zoo vets give Carnaby’s black cockatoo new wings

Australia, April 6, 2017 – PerthNow

THE combination of matchsticks, superglue and donor feathers have given a badly burnt cockatoo new wings after surgery at Perth Zoo.

The young Carnaby’s black cockatoo was sitting next to another bird on a powerline when that bird was electrocuted and engulfed in flames.

The accident badly damaged the surviving cockatoo’s wings and burnt its face and eyes.

A concerned passer-by took him to a local vet before he was taken to Perth Zoo for specialised wildlife treatment.

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The cockatoo was stabilised for a week before being put under anaesthesia to undergo a procedure called “imping”, where feathers from a donor bird are implanted in a live bird.

Perth Zoo vet Peter Ricci said matchsticks and superglue were used in the procedure, which he likened to people getting hair extensions.

“The trick is to get the right feather in the right place and the right angles before the glue dries,” Dr Ricci said.”Birds regrow their feathers once every year, so once this bird is ready to regrow its feathers, it will push out these old, dead feathers and regrow new ones.”

The rejuvenated cockatoo will undergo rehabilitation to build strength and fitness, with the feather implants giving him some flight ability, before being released into the wild.

Carnaby’s cockatoos are endangered and one of three species of black cockatoo found in southwest WA.

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