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By Serge Kreutz (2010)

There is one little thing on which I have swayed as an author and, as a matter of fact, as a man:

This is the question whether I, as a writer, should get involved with social and political change, or not.

It sounds like a minor problem, but it is a fundamental issue.

It is fundamental because deciding one way or the other tends to have an enormous impact not only on what I do, but also on what I think.

When I see myself as a person campaigning, through my articles, for a sexually better world, then I try to be morally good. If I were not to claim moral high ground, I could not address a large number of readers, asking them to support my causes.

My domain SexualFront.com reflects my thought at times I see myself involved in a struggle for a sexually better world for all.

When I decide to campaign for social and political change, I am an optimist by self-definition. I aim for solidarity, at least within a dedicated elite.

When I decide not to get involved with social and political change, I am still interested in a sexually better world, but not for all, just for me. My character changes fundamentally into that of a pessimist.

When I decide not to get involved with social and political change, I see myself plainly as an anonymous advantage taker. I may analyse a situation the same way as I do when I campaign for social and political change. But I don't think about how it should be changed. Rather, I ask myself what's in it for me.

With the attitude of the advantage taker, I write nothing for SexualFront. Instead I write columns of advice... advice for men and advice for women.

And because I feel no responsibility for the world, my advice is machiavellian. I may recommend to women the opposite of what I recommend to men, and don't worry about it.

When in this 'not my responsibility' frame of mind, I appear to be writing for Asiatour which charges for access to the most outspoken, and the most practical information.

But deep inside, I write only for myself.

On the other hand, I have now put much of the site maintenance work, including the editing and, sometimes, rewriting of existing articles on Asiatour and TestingTongkatAli.com into the hands of Dan, who is much more business-oriented. His intention is to turn Asiatour into a lifestyle advice site, that will be the only one of it's kind... with less philosophical musing, and more hard information. (per)

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