American pedophile jailed for 10 years in Cambodia

Cambodia, June 15, 2016 – Shanghai Daily

CAMBODIA yesterday sentenced an American man to a decade in jail for sexually abusing girls as young as five, the latest effort to punish foreign pedophiles in the impoverished country.

Brian Naswall, the 53-year-old CEO of Aero Cambodia, a small aviation firm based in Phnom Penh, was arrested in May last year in a park in the city in the company of three girls, one of whom he was engaging in sexual activity with.

He has been living in Cambodia for 12 years and is married to a Cambodian woman.

Since he was detained, a total of nine victims have accused Naswall of abuse.

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Naswall denied the charges during his trial and claimed the case was “fabricated.”

But Phnom Penh’s city court yesterday found the American guilty of engaging in child prostitution and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

The court also ordered Naswall to pay US$16,000 in compensation, which will be split among eight victims.

The director of Action Pour Les Enfants, an NGO that hunts down suspected foreign pedophiles in Cambodia, called for Naswall to be deported after he serves his sentence. “We applaud the ruling. It is reasonable and acceptable,” APLE director Seila Samleang said.

A member of Naswall’s legal team told reporters that his client would appeal the ruling.

Poverty and poor law enforcement have made Cambodia a magnet for foreign pedophiles, but over the past decade authorities have been cracking down on sex offenders.

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Cambodia’s reputation as a child-sex hub attracted global attention in 2002 when British glam rocker and serial pedophile Gary Glitter was deported over suspected sexual offences. The country launched a drive in 2003 to shed its reputation as a haven for foreign pedophiles.

Dozens of foreigners have since been prosecuted for child sex crimes but there are still wide gaps in policing.

A landmark study released last month by a coalition of 70 child protection agencies looking at child sex abuse around the world said that while some successes have been made in Southeast Asia, pedophilia remains an “enduring phenomenon that has plagued the region for several decades”.

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Fresh hope for Carnaby’s black cockatoo as numbers ‘increase dramatically’ with artificial hollows

18 Sep 2016 – ABC

Artificial nesting hollows are helping revive the numbers of the critically endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoo, after it lost part of its breeding heartland to bushfire in Western Australia.

The largest known nestling ground for the Australian bird species is in woodlands at a farm in Coomallo near Badgingarra, about 200 kilometres north of Perth.

In late 2009, a bushfire swept through part of the site, killing young birds and destroying nesting hollows, which can take more than a century to form.

Competition for the remaining hollows was fierce, so conservationists decided to make new homes for the birds.

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Rick Dawson is a Senior Wildlife Officer with the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Western Australia.

“We put our first artificial hollows in in late 2010, ” Mr Dawson said.

“Since that day the numbers have increased dramatically.”
After analysing almost 3,000 natural tree hollows, and after trial and error, Mr Dawson believes they have created a near-perfect home for the birds.

“As soon as we put these new hollows up, these big ones, the birds just took to them straight away and the success has gone through the roof,” he said.

“The nestlings that are actually making it out of the hollows have actually increased from 50 to 75 per cent.”

The striking birds are actually choosing artificial over natural hollows, and are breeding more quickly than ever recorded.

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“We think that is because we have got so many hollows and the availability means these young females have got the opportunity to breed,” Mr Dawson said.

Cockatoo’s call ‘beautifully haunting’

Retired CSIRO wildlife biologist Denis Saunders is involved in one of Australia’s longest running population studies, which is focussing on the breeding site.

Dr Saunders started studying the native birds 1969, when they were still classed as vermin.

“I have spent my working life documenting the decline of Australia’s bird fauna and I am sick of it, and I would like to see some success stories,” he said.

The birds are showing signs of success — the number of breeding partners have more than doubled at the site in seven years.

Dr Saunders said more could be done to support the birds, which he said have a “beautifully haunting” call.

“We have an opportunity to actually make a difference,” he said.
“Look we know their hollows are limiting, we could in fact be putting a lot more artificial hollows right through its range to deal with those issues.”

There are more than 100 breeding partners at the Coomallo site.

It is not known how many Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos are left in the wild, but it is believed their population has more than halved in the past five decades.

Director of Animal Health and Research at Perth Zoo, Dr Peter Mawson said the number of injured Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo they treat had increased significantly.

He said the results at the breeding site were encouraging.

“Because with the increasing numbers that we are seeing coming through the vet department at the zoo if that was all you saw you would think life is really getting grim for them and it’s just an ever increasing sad story,” Dr Mawson said.

“But to know that we have increasing numbers of pairs breeding here and an increasing number of chick fledgings each year would suggest there is a chance of some balance in the system.”

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