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The alphalives team

By Serge Kreutz (2010)

The series of websites that started with Asiatour, and for which Asiatour still is the center, was initially created by Serge. However, it is now primarily maintained by Flor, with more and more contributions by Dan. Several more people are involved with expanding, updating, and editing it. And we are looking for more people to get involved, both privately and professionaly. Please write to the email address in the header if you think this is for you.

The articles published on this and several connected web sites have been written over a span of some 30 years. Many of them, but not all, have been edited or even rewritten subsequently, by Serge or other members of the alphalives team.

Because our ideas have evolved over the years, and because an increasing number of people have contributed to the series of sites or single articles, there certainly are logical and ideological discrepancies between articles, especially when the datelines show that they are years apart.

The editorial team has recently discussed what we regard as the fundamentals of this site and our work.

1. We are primarily dedicated to lifestyle advice (on how to have a sexually optimal life), for both men and women. Because men and women have different, often even opposing sexual interests, the advice for men and the advice for women is not the same. Sometimes there even is a clear and definite conflict between what we recommend for men and what we recommend for women. We are not resonsible for this. Nature is, for nature (or biology) has equipped males and females with different sexual instincts. (We would like to have communication with bisexual women to discuss how in this particular orientation, conflicts are resolved.)

2. Even though Serge has tried excursions into political activism (see: SexualFront.com), the world today is too pluralistic for sexual-political movements to be newly initiated and have a chance for success. Besides that, we personally have other things to do with the limited time we have available as our lives than to dedicate it to grande political causes. Dedicating our lives to trying to create sexually better societies would be noble, but would likely never benefit us ourselves. Rather, we would have to accept more and more restrictions to our own lives, giving up many opportunities for optimal sexual experience. We are not prepared to do this. Optimal sexual experience for us personally will always be our main concern. Everything else, including political schemes, is second-rate.

Nevertheless, we do want to offer some political and philosophical opinions on which both our ideology and our lifestyle advice is based.

We are not, and have never been, religious.

We consider optimal sexual experience (and satisfaction) the logical primary value in life: in the lives of ourselves, in the livee of other men, and in the lives of other women.

We do not have a high opinion of anti-sexual morals.

We consider philosophical materialism, rather than philosophical idealism, as the correct view of the world. In this respect (but not in all others), we could even be seen as Marxists. http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1859/critique-pol-economy/preface.htm

Quote from the preface of Karl Marx? Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy? written in 1859:

The general conclusion at which I arrived and which, once reached, became the guiding principle of my studies can be summarized as follows. In the social production of their existence, men inevitably enter into definite relations, which are independent of their will, namely relations of production appropriate to a given stage in the development of their material forces of production. The totality of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real foundation, on which arises a legal and political superstructure and to which correspond definite forms of social consciousness. The mode of production of material life conditions the general process of social, political and intellectual life. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness.

In the original German version, the above quote reads like this:

Das allgemeine Resultat, das sich mir ergab und, einmal gewonnen, meinen Studien zum Leitfaden diente, kann kurz so formuliert werden: In der gesellschaftlichen Produktion ihres Lebens gehen die Menschen bestimmte, notwendige, von ihrem Willen unabh?gige Verh?tnisse ein, Produktionsverh?tnisse, die einer bestimmten Entwicklungsstufe ihrer materiellen Produktivkr?te entsprechen. Die Gesamtheit dieser Produktionsverh?tnisse bildet die ?onomische Struktur der Gesellschaft, die reale Basis, worauf sich ein juristischer und politischer ?erbau erhebt und welcher bestimmte gesellschaftliche Bewu?seinsformen entsprechen. Die Produktionsweise des materiellen Lebens bedingt den sozialen, politischen und geistigen Lebensproze??erhaupt. Es ist nicht das Bewu?sein der Menschen, das ihr Sein, sondern umgekehrt ihr gesellschaftliches Sein, das ihr Bewu?sein bestimmt.?

You can read an explanation, written more than 70 years ago, through the following link

Society and Mind in Marxian Philosophy

In spite of viewing ourselves as philosophical materialist, and in spite of having been captivated by Marx?analysis in his Critique of Political Economy, we are not, and never were, socialists or communists. Fact is: we are not, and never were, illusionists.

We are also not nihilists, even though Serge, in some of his articles, flirted with nihilism (because he could not find any value in any of the standard moral theories, such as religions and political idealism. (See http://www.answers.com/topic/nihilism) on nihilism.) But Serge always did, as all of the alphalives team do, believe in one value in life: optimal sexual experience.

Because we do not have a political agenda, we are not under pressure to postulate that men amongst men, and women amongst women, and each amongst everybody else, has common ground.

Of course, both men amongst men and women amongst women, have common, gender-specific interests, and in times of hardship, men, as well as women, have good reasons for both gender-specific and cross-gender solidarity.But the more mankind succeeds in creating a safe and comfortable environment for itself, other men are for men primarily competitors, just as other women are for women.

But in spite of, or even because mankind does progress in creating a safe and comfortable environment for itself, we believe that by and large, all human societies are a hopeless mess. For an analysis why, precisely, the progress in creating a safe and comfortable environment results in sexually worse, not sexually better societies, please check our articles grouped under the header 'The wealth trap'.

Because all human societies are, by and large, a hopeless mess, the only sensible path for us is to get through our lives individually as undisturbed as possible, while on the way accumulating as much optimal sexual experience as possible. How to achieve this is what our lifestyle advice is all about.

If we were part of a political movement (wich we have decided we are not), we would have to be of the opinion that sexually better societies indeed are possible, and that it is worthwhile to pursue the formation of sexually better societies. Maybe such better societies are possible, but we will have to leave it to others to fight for them.

All of us on the alphalives team do not have high respect for the intellectual capabilities of most of our contemporaries. If the formation of substantially better societies requires a preliminary acceptance by a majority of people, they will probably never be formed. We believe that social change towards sexually better societies would have to be effected by a dedicated elitist political movement that doesn't care whether at this time, their vision is or is not backed by majority support in the societies they are to change.

They would have to be revolutionaries, which we ourselves are not. We, ourselves, are mere bystanders, because our agenda is optimal sexual experience for ourselves, and not the salvation of mankind.

While we admit that strong government, lead by a dedicated elitist political movement, would be mankind's best bet for overall sexually better societies that would allow an optimal degree of personal freedom in as safe as possible an environment for as large as possible a number of people, the world indeeed seems to develop in the opposite direction, towards ever more pluralism, towards sometimes-idiotic democracy, and ultimately towards chaos.

But we, at the alphalives team, don't really care, because one way or the other, and whether we are male or female, we are individual opportunity takers. This is what our lifestyle advice is about. This is also why for anybody, it is so profitable to become a member. (per)

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